Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fresh Idea!

Being a student hire and a senior in college majoring in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Communications, I often find myself in the professional setting wanting to apply strategies that I have learned in my studies. As a young professional, I have a fresh perspective on procedures in my organization. For example, the other day my supervisor was perplexed, as she often is, about how to properly communicate information to our boss. In class, I learned that communication depends mostly on your receiver and that we all have different communication styles. When the form of communication she was using on our boss wasn't working, I suggested she use a different approach to communicate with the boss. Communication between the two of them significantly improved once she started catering to his communication needs. I was able to take the information I learned in classes and explain them to my supervisor in a way that she understood enabling her to change her communication lines with the boss. Effective communication eased confusion and perpetuated a less-stressful working environment.